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Sonoma's Last Pioneer, by Tom Whitworth

from the book's description:

An illustrated memoir of Robert H. Cannard, one of Sonoma Valley's most colorful and flamboyant residents - one who has taught its horticultural students, funded and run its business associations and institutions, helped build its wine industry, served in elected and appointed offices, and acted as informal watchdog to the excesses of people not as dedicated as he to guardianship of the natural resources inherited by all.

Bob made generous contributions to the celebration of its cultural heritage - and invented some of it himself. His heroes were the rugged pioneers who pushed westward a century before he journeyed west from Pennsylvania with his family. Since his arrival in Sonoma Valley, he fought against different kinds of odds to emulate their spirit.

Sonoma's Last Pioneer
text, illustration, cover
and page design by Tom Whitworth
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