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Below are a selection of Tom's paintings and other art works. He works in a variety of media. Click on each image to view a larger version. If any are available for sale, they will be marked, or you can inquire with Tom directly.




oak / tom whitworth
Oak, acrylic on canvas
12" by 9"
battery men / tom whitworth
Battery Men, acrylic on canvas
12" by 12"
vineyard / tom whitworth
Vineyard, acrylic on canvas
9" by 12"
portraits / tom whitworth
portraits, acrylic on canvas
various sizes
bee muse / tom whitworth
Bee Muse, mixed media
6.5" by 9.5"
synesthesia 1996 / tom whitworthSynesthesia at Rave Camp Black Rock 1996,
acrylic on canvas, 18" by 14"
world gourd / tom whitworth
World Gourd, mixed media
4.25" by 5.25"
cow mural / tom whitworth
3D mural
mural / tom whitworth
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